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Acne Facial Treatment Specialist

Acne Facial Treatment Specialist Q&A

Acne facial treatment focuses on extremely effective, modern techniques that kill germs, minimize inflammation, and improve the overall wellness of your skin to eliminate active acne, and scarring, and avoid future breakouts. If you have acne outbreaks, you understand how tough and stressful it can be to manage this skin problem. Acne Facial Treatments are offered at Cara Mia Med Spa. Contact us for more information or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 303 North Rand Rd, Lake Zurich, IL 60047.

Acne Facial Specialist Near Me in Lake Zurich, IL
Acne Facial Specialist Near Me in Lake Zurich, IL

Table of Contents:

What does an acne facial do?
What facial is best for acne?
Can Acne Facials Help Clear Pimples?
What to Expect from an Acne facial?

What does an acne facial do?

We understand all facials to some degree help with acne and clogged pores; however, those facials also specialize and focus on other aspects like anti-aging, glowing skin, and combating redness, whatever it may be, it helps acne but it doesn’t completely focus on combating it as our acne facial does.

Acne facials provide that extra help needed and sometimes necessary to help clear stubborn areas of acne. Acne facials may also be known as decongesting facials or deep cleansing facials. This particular facial treatment works to deeply purify the skin while providing extra rounds of acne extractions to help unclog pores. While any facial provides extractions, the acne facial is set apart as it will add or omit particular steps during the acne facial process to treat and even prevent future blemishes.

What facial is best for acne?

While the number one facial for acne is an acne facial, there are other facials available that can help with acne, but they are specifically created to combat acne.

They include:

– Classic facial
– Microdermabrasion Facial
– LED Facial
– Decongesting Facial
– Brightening Facial

Can Acne Facials Help Clear Pimples?

As stated previously, all facials can provide deep cleans, but acne facials provide a more targeted approach to address stubborn areas, some of the many benefits that acne facials provide include:

– Treating active blemishes

Extracting acne can be great for treating blackheads and whiteheads, usually, acne facial specialists will manually remove all of the excess gunk that is caught in the clogged pore. If you are dealing with inflamed acne, this is where high-frequency technology devices will come into play, as these machines or wands are used specifically to help treat and prevent problematic acne, kill bacteria, and decrease the appearance of your pore size.

– Preventing breakouts in the future

Acne facials normally include an exfoliation feature with either a peel or a cleanser that has specific ingredients like glycolic acid or salicylic acid, these ingredients are meant to speed up your cell turnover, keep future breakouts from forming, and unclog pores from the source. It has been documented that blue LED light therapy is often used as it helps to keep breakouts at bay while penetrating the uppermost area of the skin and killing acne-causing bacteria.

– Hydrating the skin

When our acne facial specialists begin to treat acne, we never want to overwhelm the face with extractions and chemical peels, as it can cause the skin to overproduce oil to compensate for all of the work we did, which will lead to even more breakouts. The main goal of an acne facial is to remove the excess surface sebum, buildup within the pores, and dead skin cells while still eliminating bacteria without causing a sebum response to occur. To do this, hydration will be included in any acne facial to allow soothing of inflammation and hydration to the skin.

What to Expect from an Acne Facial?

The first step before you can complete an acne facial is to fill out our consultation form or answer any questions that are specific to your medical history, your face and sensitivities, etc. It is very detailed to ensure we know which medications you are using as this can determine the type of products used during the facial treatment.

We will allow you to get comfy within the treatment room and help by applying a headband of some sort to ensure your hair and scalp do not get any products in it. You may also be asked to remove your shirt and bra or be provided a gown to change into depending on the other services you have scheduled, as well as to ensure we can get to all of the areas without causing any product to get on the clothes.

We will begin with a deep cleansing process of the facial, even if you come make-up-free, this step is still required, as you can have dust, dirt, and other things touch your face just walking or driving to the clinic.

During the second step, we will start with a steam treatment with either a special steamer machine, or with warm to hot towels, this will soften the pores, and allow any plugs of sebaceous matter that is inside to be easily removed.

In the third step we begin the focus on exfoliation. During this step, we will remove any dead skin cells and debris which is commonly seen to clog pores. With commonly added benefits, this can leave your skin feeling super smooth and soft. There are a few different options that may be of use with the exfoliation process, each type will be dependent on your skin type if you are on any acne medications and other things.

Step four is what everyone booked the appointment for in the first place, Our acne facial specialists will clear out any comedones and blackheads from the pores by gently applying pressure to the face to remove any excess sebaceous matter.

The fifth step is when the facial mask will be applied, again this step will be determined on the information we previously provided. Step six we will use an astringent or toner over your entire face to remove excess skin and oil from the face.

The final step is the moisturizer and sun protection. We will apply a light moisturizer to the entire face and beyond areas to allow you to feel super airy and moisturized. A layer of sunscreen will also be applied to ensure your skin is protected from the sun. We are conveniently located at 303 North Rand Rd, Lake Zurich, IL 60047. We serve clients from Lake Zurich IL, Kildeer IL, Tower Lakes IL, Deer Park IL, Barrington IL, and Hawthorn Woods IL.